BMW and Ford Just Announced More Electric Cars

There are now more options than ever for all-electric and hybrid vechicles, and now two more are on the way: an electric version of BMW’s X1 SUV, and a commercial vehicle from Ford.

BMW revealed its third-generation BMW X1 SUV today, with a “more prominent design,” a raised seating position, button engine start, Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, a ‘BMW Maps’ navigation system, an optional trailer tow hitch, and improved driver assistance systems compared to the previous generation. BMW will sell several gas-powered versions of the X1, but the company is also introducing an electric version, called the BMW iX1 (notice the ‘i’ in front).

BMW iX1 interior BMW
The upcoming iX1 xDrive30 is BMW’s first all-wheel-drive electric car, with two integrated drive units that have a combined output of 230 kW/313 hp. BMW says it can reach 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.7 seconds. The car’s range is estimated at somewhere between 413 — 438 km (257 — 272 miles), but that could change before the final version rolls off assembly lines. Pricing isn’t available yet.

Meanwhile, Ford announced a new deal with the United Auto Workers labor union on June 2, which is planned to create more manufacturing jobs in the United States. The press release briefly mentions that the partnership includes plans for “an all-new electric commercial vehicle for Ford Pro customers.” There aren’t any additional details, but if it’s a vehicle intended for commercial use, it might not be sold through normal retail channels.

Ford started shipping its most-anticipated EV last week, the F-150 Lightning pickup truck, beating Tesla’s Cybertruck to the market. With so many EVs hitting the market, the future looks bright for all-electric cars.

Source: BMW, Ford

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